Spring At Spahats Creek Resort

Spring at Spahats Creek Resort: Welcoming Our Inaugural Season in Wells Gray Park

As winter’s blanket thaws under the burgeoning warmth of spring, we are thrilled to announce that Spahats Creek Resort will be opening its doors for the very first time on May 15th. Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Wells Gray Provincial Park, our resort is set to become the ultimate destination for campers and explorers eager to experience the rebirth of nature and the untamed beauty of the season.

Celebrating Our Grand Opening


This spring marks not only the awakening of nature but also the inaugural opening of Spahats Creek Resort. Our team has worked tirelessly to prepare every detail, ensuring that our facilities blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of our surroundings. From freshly landscaped campsites to meticulously appointed cottages, each element of the resort is designed with comfort and sustainability in mind. We’re excited to welcome our first guests and start a tradition of unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Your Gateway to Adventure


Our campgrounds offer a variety of options for setting up your perfect base camp. Whether you’re pitching a tent or parking an RV, each site provides magnificent views and a chance to reconnect with nature. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of wildlife and the fresh, crisp air filled with the scent of Interior British Columbia—a perfect start to a day of exploration.

Discover the Magic of Wells Gray


Wells Gray Provincial Park, known for its dramatic landscapes and rich biodiversity, is an explorer’s paradise, especially in the spring. The park boasts extensive volcanic terrain, ancient forests, and vibrant meadows, all coming to life in the spring. Our opening is perfectly timed for you to experience the spectacular display of Helmcken Falls, which swells with the spring thaw, its powerful cascade creating mesmerizing rainbows in the morning mist.

Bird enthusiasts will be delighted as the park becomes a symphony of birdcalls with the return of migratory species and the awakening of local fauna. The diverse ecosystems provide a backdrop for potentially spotting everything from soaring eagles to elusive lynxes.

Activities and Events to Enrich Your Stay


Spahats Creek Resort is not just about stunning views and cozy accommodations; it’s about creating memories. We are at the gateway to activities ranging from canoeing on the serene Clearwater Lake to horseback riding along scenic trails.

Be among the first to experience the splendor of Spahats Creek Resort. As we gear up for our opening, we invite you to book your stay and be part of our first season. Whether it’s adventure you seek or the peace of nature’s embrace, discover it all this spring at our beautifully appointed resort.

Join us in celebrating a new beginning in the heart of Wells Gray. We can’t wait to welcome you to Spahats Creek Resort, where your outdoor adventure begins.

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