Trip Itinerary: Jasper to Whistler

Trip Itinerary: Jasper to Whistler


Planning a road trip from Jasper to Whistler? Make Spahats Creek Resort your perfect stopover to rest and soak in the natural beauty of Wells Gray Provincial Park. Here’s a detailed itinerary to enhance your journey:

Day 1: Jasper to Clearwater


Morning Departure from Jasper: Start your day early in Jasper, embarking on a scenic drive. You’ll pass through stunning alpine landscapes, including the breathtaking Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Midday: As you continue your journey, you’ll transition from alpine scenes to the vibrant valley bottom farms of Vavenby and Birch Island. The change in scenery is a visual treat, offering a diverse range of natural beauty.

Afternoon Arrival in Clearwater: Arrive in Clearwater, where you enter the Cedar-Hemlock Zone and the Engelmann Spruce-Subalpine Fir Zone of Wells Gray Provincial Park.

Afternoon Activities:


  • Helmcken Falls: Take a short drive to witness the majestic Helmcken Falls, one of Canada’s most beautiful waterfalls.
  • Dawson Falls: Another must-see, this wide waterfall offers a different but equally stunning perspective.
  • Moul Falls Hike: Enjoy a hike into Moul Falls, where you can walk behind the waterfall for a unique experience.

Evening at Spahats Creek Resort: Return to Spahats Creek Resort to relax. Enjoy a cozy fire at the resort, recharging for the next day.

Day 2: Explore and Continue to Whistler


Option 1: Short Exploration and Departure

Morning Activities:

  • Spahats Falls: Just a short drive from the resort, Spahats Falls offers spectacular views.
  • Shaden Viewpoint/Spahats Falls A 6km round trip walk from the resort provides stunning vistas.

Afternoon Departure: Continue your journey to Whistler, feeling refreshed from your stay.

Option 2: Extended Exploration

Morning Activities:

  • Trophy Flower Meadows: A 12.5km drive from the resort takes you to the Trophy Flower Meadows trailhead parking lot. Enjoy a hike through this beautiful area, known for its vibrant wildflowers and stunning views.


  • Silvertip Falls: Witness the cascading beauty of Silvertip Falls before heading back to the resort.

Evening at Spahats Creek Resort: Return to the resort to relax and recharge. Utilize the RV facilities to empty your sewer tanks, wash your clothes, and enjoy the peaceful oasis on your busy road trip.

Next Morning: Embark on the final leg of your journey to Whistler, refreshed and ready for more adventures.

Why Choose Spahats Creek Resort?

  • Convenient Location: A perfect midpoint between Jasper and Whistler, offering easy access to the beauty of Wells Gray Provincial Park.
  • Comfort and Amenities: From RV sites to cozy cottages, the resort offers a range of accommodations to suit every traveler.
  • Natural Beauty: Surrounded by stunning waterfalls and lush forests, the resort is an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Make your road trip from Jasper to Whistler unforgettable by including a stay at Spahats Creek Resort. Enjoy the best of both worlds—adventure and relaxation—before continuing on your scenic journey.

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